Job Description AI for your job portal

Our API moderates, categorizes and reformats job descriptions. It also generates salary range estimates from employer-reported salary ranges.

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Salary range estimates

Add salary range estimates to increase the conversion rates of your job listings and to rank higher on Google for Jobs. Our estimates are generated from recent employer-reported salary ranges.

Job description classification

Improve your job search results and add more filters on your job portals. Our API generates the O*NET job occupation and the seniority.

Job description moderation

Filter out fraudulent and fake job advertisements. Our API returns warning types, which you can use to accept or reject job listings.

Job description reformat

Reformat plain text job descriptions that have lost their formatting into HTML job descriptions with titles, paragraphs and bulleted lists.

JobWiz started as a job portal in 2018. We’ve trained transformer-based AI models for our own job portal and we’re now selling our AI technology with an API. Most of our API endpoints cost less than one dollar per thousand job descriptions.

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