Fair hiring - diverse, equitable and transparent

Our Story

JobWiz started in 2023 to help employers manage job applicants in a fair and ethical way. The number of job applicants per hire has more than doubled between 2022 and 2023, pushing employers to use unethical solutions such as AI-powered interviews.

We believe that AI can be used to fast track hiring without sacrificing ethics. Our Applicant Tracking System lets employers set objective pre-screening requirements and send clear rejection reasons with the option to appeal for rejected candidates. Our team manually reviews every appeal.

Based in Singapore, our team comes from top universities, including NUS and NTU. Before starting JobWiz, our founder, Timothee Ledure, was the engineering site lead of the Wise card in Singapore. His teams built the world's first cloud-based card issuer processor, which was processing over 1 billion dollars in monthly transactions when he left Wise. His teams received thousands of job applications every year and he was frustated with the use of AI in the screening process. He couldn't find a fair and ethical pre-screening AI solution, and left Wise to start JobWiz.